PARTYING FOR PATAKI: “The highest form of community service is to support a cause,” says Abe Chehebar, chief executive officer of Accessory Network, New York, and one cause the manufacturer is currently supporting is the campaign of State Sen. George Pataki, Republican candidate for New York governor. Chehebar hosted a reception for the candidate Thursday night in his company’s showroom. About 40 fashion industry executives turned out to hear Pataki promise to lower taxes and to improve personal safety in the city.
“New York needs new energy,” added Chehebar.

EYES FORWARD: After years of building its name in sport sunglasses, Vuarnet-France Eyewear is introducing its first ophthalmic frame collection.
Orlux Distribution, the firm that distributes Vuarnet eyewear in the U.S., will introduce the Vivids line of ophthalmic frames at the West Coast Vision Expo trade show. This show is slated for Nov. 18-20 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, Calif.
Each of seven frame styles in the line is named for an artist — Matisse, Degas, Monet and Van Gogh among them. The plastic frames wholesale for $40 each and are available in several different variegated color schemes.
First-year wholesale volume for the line has been projected at more than $1 million.