“I’m hot, sweaty and in a rush,” complained Lady Leonora Lichfield as she burst into the Walter Lees photo exhibition at Christie’s in London the other night. Lichfield had just spent half an hour sitting in her car outside Parliament in the middle of a demonstration against a new criminal justice bill.
“It was me and a sea of policemen on horses,” she said.
Lees, meanwhile, was busy shepherding people over to meet his friend Hubert de Givenchy, who had flown in from Paris that day and was due to leave the next morning.
“Walter is one of my great friends in life,” Givenchy said as he scanned the photos of India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. “These are wonderful, but he’ll have to get better and better because next time people will expect even more.”
As Robin Hambro, who organized the exhibition — a benefit for Crisis, a charity that helps the homeless — fretted over the sweltering heat in the upstairs gallery because she couldn’t get the air-conditioning turned on, Nick Ashley stayed cool in his new line of motorcycle clothing.
“This is motorcycling stuff I’m wearing,” he said, showing off his black Polartec blazer and Gore-Tex jacket. “But wearing it to Christie’s might be pushing it a bit.”

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