RIDICULOUS SIGHT OF THE DAY: Reinaldo Herrera, who works for a magazine that does nothing but photograph celebrities, calling in the heavy security at his wife’s show to shoo the photographers away from — get ready — Donald and Marla. Reinaldo must not know that God created the Trumps just for the paparazzi. Without flashbulbs, they’d turn to dust.

MIZRAHI-VISION: Isaac Mizrahi made his debut Sunday night as a cable television pitchmeister and host on Nick at Nite, the classic TV evening programming on Nickelodeon. Mizrahi provided commentary and sold goods between his favorite episodes of “Bewitched,” “I Love Lucy” and “The Dick Van Dyke Show.”
The channel was still tabulating sales Monday, said executive producer Jim Burns. Burns called Mizrahi an impressive host — although he conceded there were a few nervous moments.
“Isaac’s understanding of classic TV is immense,” Burns said. “He chose each episode and was quite emphatic about it. But when he said that there were two great understandings in life — the Bible and what makes a great shrimp and cheese ball — I wasn’t sure how it would play in middle America. I was glad he put the Bible first.”
As for Mizrahi, he said that while home shopping is interesting, it’s not going to displace traditional retail.
“Look, everyone thought that escalators were the stairs of the future, and we’re still using stairs,” he said. “People will always want to go to stores.”

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