QUOTE OF THE DAY: Minutes before showtime at Ralph Lauren, talk-show host and Ralph buddy Charlie Rose struggled through the horde to get to his front-row seat. As Rose sat down, photographer Patrick McMullen started shooting him and joked, “Hey, isn’t that Mickey Rourke?” Shaking his head, Rose replied, “I can think of nothing we share.”

BURLY GUARD AWARD: At the Isaac Mizrahi show, one fashion photographer trying to snap Mariah Carey was stopped by a security guard, who asked him, “How would you like to eat that camera?” When the photographer protested, the guard slapped him, then claimed he didn’t. “If I had slapped you, you wouldn’t be standing up,” was his defense.

TODD WATCH: Todd Oldham is on a commercial roll. In the past few months, he signed up with Escada — which is paying him who knows how many zillions — and opened up a SoHo boutique. Now he’s negotiating for another store in Los Angeles, on trendy La Brea or Beverly, and he’s talking to a potential partner from the Middle East about opening a store in London. It will probably happen fast. “We’re thinking about opening the L.A. store in April or May and the London store in the summer,” said Oldham.

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