MUNICH, Germany — A district court here ruled Friday that Yves Saint Laurent Parfums no longer has the right to sell its newest women’s fragrance under the name Champagne.
The seventh chamber of the Munich court, which is responsible for commercial cases, ruled in favor of wine growers from the Champagne region of France, who argued that the use of the word “Champagne” was a “theft of reputation,” according to wire service reports.
The court said that YSL Parfums GmbH, the company’s German subsidiary, must change the name or it would face a fine of up to $333,000 (500,000 marks).
YSL said it would appeal the ruling.
This is the third successful challenge to the name by wine growers. YSL has been forced to change the name of the scent in France and Switzerland, where it is sold under the brand Yves Saint Laurent.
In the U.S., the fragrance continues to be marketed under the name Champagne.
— Fairchild News Service

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