Partying in Washington is touchier than usual these days with everyone getting acclimated to the Republican election sweeps.
“It’s really a big thing for us. We’re all very excited,” said Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, talking to William De Klerk at Penne Korth’s party for the South African deputy president.
Marty Peretz, editor of the New Republic, welcomed guests at the magazine’s 80th birthday last Wednesday by calling them to attention as “ladies, gentlemen and defeated Democrats.” Chris Buckley, who spent much of the evening huddled with Bob Woodward and former senator Eugene McCarthy, celebrated the Republican victories by wearing his first bow tie. “It took me hours to tie it, but I had to wear it,” he said, showing off the subtly triumphant elephant pattern.
British Ambassador Robin Renwick seemed to handle the change of government the most diplomatically. At a party he hosted Friday for the American Museum in Bath, he affably dismissed the entire Democratic process in a toast to defeated House Speaker Tom Foley with the suggestion that the post should have been a lifetime appointment. On Saturday, Renwick hosted a birthday party for his wife, Anne, with guests from both political parties, including Drue Heinz, Vice President Al Gore and Tipper Gore, Lloyd and B.A. Bentsen, Linda J. Wachner, Jayne Wrightsman and Michael and Arianna Huffington.

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