Artist Julian Schnabel is getting into music. He has just sold his first album, entitled “Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud,” to Island Records. To put the album together, Schnabel collaborated with singer/songwriter Brian Kelly. Both wrote lyrics for the album, scheduled to be released this spring, but Schnabel alone sang the rock ‘n’ roll tunes. The artist also produced Kelly’s first album, “Each Day Blues,” which Schnabel, and Kelly’s agent, Ava Parnass, are shopping around.

As if that’s not enough, the art world can look forward to seeing Alba Clemente on stage. She’ll star in “The Human Voice,” a monolog scripted by Jean Cocteau with some additions by Rene Ricard, at the 224 Waverly Place Theater in New York, beginning Nov. 29. Clemente, who’ll be dressed in lingerie during the one-hour show, will deliver her lines into a telephone while lying in bed with a dog. Helen Marden has designed the set, and Alba’s husband, Francesco Clemente, designed the show’s poster.

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