“I wish we had an NEA grant — we could leave DeVito alone,” sang twenty-something actors Ethan Hawke and Robert Sean Leonard from the stage at the annual benefit for their Malaparte Theater Company Monday night in New York.
“They can always lean on me,” said Danny DeVito, puffing on a cigar from the wings at Irving Plaza. “They’re doing great work.”
DeVito said he’s anxious to begin production on some work of his own, in particular, his next project — a movie version of Elmore Leonard’s “Get Shorty,” with John Travolta.
Who will play the title role?
“It remains to be seen,” he said with a laugh. “It’s a very well kept secret.” Julia Roberts also stopped by to support her friend Hawke, but tried to keep a low profile, huddling with Miramax’s Harvey Weinstein in the darkened VIP room upstairs.
“I haven’t done any stage work, but I’m not done yet,” said Roberts of her involvement with the theater.
Also hoping to make it to the stage is 17-year-old Bridget Hall, who, like most models, claimed, “I want to get into acting,” then added, “I really mean it.”
Hall also turned up the next night at the Play By Play Restaurant for the God’s Love We Deliver celebrity auction to kick off the organization’s 5K run on Oct. 1. Men’s Health, Bloomingdale’s and Polo Sport are sponsoring the run, which is expected to raise $100,000 for God’s Love.
Tuesday night, more than $30,000 was raised, with the highest bid to sponsor a celebrity going for Blaine Trump, one of the evening’s hosts. Carolyne Roehm, CeCe Kieselstein-Cord and Elizabeth Johnson began bidding against each other and finished by banding together with a joint bid of $10,000.
Pat Buckley did some bidding as well. After offering $1,800 for Matthew Modine, she claimed, “I’m doing it because I adore Matthew.”
“I adore you, too, Mrs. Buckley,” Modine replied.
“Please,” she retorted. “For $1,800 you can call me Pat.”