Sandy Pittman may lead a daredevil existence, but the most dangerous thing she’s done lately was listen to the doctors at an emergency room in Connecticut. Pittman was working out with Radu recently when she developed a pain in her abdomen. According to Pittman, she then went to the hospital, where doctors told her she was fine and could take her planned trip to Europe. She left the next day. But 12 hours after her arrival, Pittman was passed out in a Venice hotel room with a ruptured appendix, while her 11-year-old son summoned an ambulance. Pittman is back in New York and recovering well.

It takes two people, not one, to succeed Marina Schiano at Vanity Fair.
The magazine Wednesday named Kate Harrington and Elizabeth Saltzman as style director and fashion director, respectively.
Harrington had been a freelance stylist. Saltzman had been a contributing editor at Vogue.