It’s no secret that marriage changes people — but no one expected it to transform the publicist and party diehard Liz Cohen into a fuddy-duddy uptown matron. At a gathering celebrating her engagement to Jimmy Hausman last Wednesday, Cohen’s friends and family buzzed on about how frequently she’s been invoking matters matrimonial and otherwise: silver and china, babies, even the Mideast.
“I never in a million years thought I’d hear Liz talk about politics,” joked her brother-in-law and the party’s host, David Prince. But no one, certainly not her husband-to-be, believes that marriage will curb her clothing habit.
“Liz is a known shopaholic,” said Lauren duPont.
“Let’s for one moment just envision her name on a shared checkbook,” added Prince.
The party drew the likes of Samantha Boardman, Fernanda Niven, Lulu de Kwiatkowski, Ginny Bond Donahue, Rachel Peters and a very bronzed Alexandra von Furstenberg, just back from Harbour Island. “Look. Bathing suit strap marks,” said one guest. “So you can tell her tan is real.”
For Cohen, the evening was also a chance to repair a few friendships riven with feuding. Several people were especially surprised to see Jeff Klein in the room. “I’m so glad we made up, Jeff,” Cohen said. “Now you can pay for the wedding.”
If Cohen needed any proof that maternity doesn’t necessarily cramp a woman’s style, she’d have done well to drop by the Burberry store earlier that day, where statuesque mommies assembled to help launch the house’s new children’s collection.
On Saturday, friends, family and clients gathered to celebrate with Kat Cohen, college adviser extraordinaire, whose new book, “The Truth About Getting In,” is said to be a comprehensive guide for Harvard-hungry high schoolers. Cohen’s company, IvyWise, places 75 percent of its clients into Ivy League colleges.
“Remember, the book leads you to the greatest four years of your life,” she said.

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