No, it wasn’t the Daytime Emmys. Bad taste paid a visit to Beverly Hills Thursday night for Glamour’s annual “Don’t” party. Among the items considered fashion travesties? Head-to-toe Burberry, clashing logos and, of course, visible panty lines.
“It was the most agonizing thing to come up with a Don’t because I’m so programmed to put things together,” said Zooey Deschanel, who settled on a vintage robe and glittery antennae.
Kimberly Stewart’s version of a fashion gaffe was heaps of gold jewelry and a tiny dress. “I was a Don’t in the current issue,” she said proudly. “So I wanted to look trashy but cute in case my picture ended up somewhere.”
Jennifer Love Hewitt admitted she’s also been singled out by the fashion police. “I always get a Don’t anyway, so I chose to go subtle,” she said, pointing at her legwarmers. But glancing around the room full of exposed bra straps and white shoes, she added, “I think I could have gone more daring now that I’m here.”
Christina Ricci, meanwhile, looked as good as ever in a shirtdress by Rick Owens. “I don’t get out of the house very often,” she explained, “so when I do, I don’t need to look horrible.”
The night before, Ashley Judd walked the red carpet at the Mann Village Theatre for the premiere of her latest film, “High Crimes,” in which she plays an attorney defending her own husband.
“I get to be all tough-lawyer-girl, and Amanda Peet gets to be totally bohemian,” she said with a sigh.
“That’s right,” Peet concurred, hugging her co-star. “It sounds corny, but when you play someone that flamboyant, it isn’t a big deal to shed your clothes. It’s kind of like skinny-dipping.”

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