HALLE’S BOND-AGE: If Donatella didn’t claim Halle Berry for the Oscars, at least she got her for the upcoming Bond flick. Berry asked Versace to re-create a gown from the spring-summer collection in rich purple embroidered in silver and a matching fur for the opening sequence of the film (it might even make the movie’s poster).

SWAG KING: The winner of the best free stuff award goes to…Sting. While even the cleaning ladies were leaving L’Ermitage with shopping bags stuffed with perfume, candles and shampoo, the rocker exited Ted Inc.’s supersuite with a Macintosh iBook and an Apple iPod programmed by a Harvard geneticist with music by Bach. Word is he’s going to use the laptop to write a book and wants music to work by.

BEST FACE: In town for the weekend parties, Anna Wintour had makeup artist Joanna Schlip fully booked for three days, leaving her agency Cloutier to turn away requests from her A-list celebrity clients.

THE KING AND I: As if he hasn’t been feted enough this week (from entree to the week’s hottest private parties to a front page Los Angeles Times article), Zac Posen said he’s on his way to the Mideast, where he’ll be staying with the King of Kuwait, who, he says, is planning on opening a clothing store. Posen wasn’t sure whether his dresses would appeal to the tastes of glamorous Kuwaiti women. “But I can always sew little swatches of leopard on top,” he said.

BREAKFAST SPECIAL: The lending of diamonds is extending outside the A list. Three long-time waitresses at the Beverly Hills deli Nate n’ Al’s were loaned a million dollars’ worth of diamonds each from Martin Katz’s exclusive store on Brighton Way. They wore them for the breakfast shift on Oscar morning, and felt like, well, a million bucks.

NEW YORK’S FINEST: For those without an invite to the Oscars, the annual bash at Elaine’s is the next best thing. “This is more packed than the mall of America,” groaned David Spade as he eyed the restaurant which had been equipped with 10 eye-level plasma screens for easy viewing. Both Woody Allen’s homage to New York and Jim Broadbent’s win scored the biggest rounds of applause from the crowd which included Candace Bushnell in a fuchsia Luca Luca gown, Debi Gibson, Chris Noth and Peter Gallagher. But one of the winning films, “Moulin Rouge,” left Bill O’Reilly puzzled.
“I saw half of it. I didn’t understand it,” he said. “My wife loved it. I picked up Sports Illustrated halfway through.”

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