Morning, noon and night of Oscar week, there’s always something to fret over, gloat over or make over. Whether it’s supping, sewing or simply tanning by the pool — and make no mistake, Oscar week tanning is business, not pleasure — the frenetic skittering of Hollywood and fashion folk all points to Sunday night.

Down With the Count
WWD took to the streets and suites of LA to tally up this year’s totals, which ran the gamut from thongs to hired guns. The envelope, please:

Seats in the Kodak Theatre: 3,300
Seat fillers hired for the event: 40
Feet of red carpet leading to the Kodak Theatre: 500
Fan seats along the red carpet: 400
Chanel couture gowns on the red carpet: 1
Reporters and photographers who requested Oscar credentials: 1,408
Total credentialed: 510
Photographers on the red carpet: 65
Television press on the red carpet: 221
Pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes loaned out: 30
Pairs of Christian Louboutin for YSL shoes loaned out: 1
Number of L’Ermitage’s 124 rooms devoted to Oscar promos: 22
Body by Victoria convertible bras on the red carpet: 30
Victoria’s Secret nude thongs on the red carpet: 35
Number of diamonds on the Stuart Weitzman $1 million stilettos: 464
Number of diamonds on the Anne Bowen $1 million dress: 5,000
Number of security guards following Harry Winston jewels around on Oscar night: 16
Revelers at Vanity Fair party Sunday night: 1,000
Official Oscar gift baskets going to nominees and presenters: 125
Companies contributing to it: 40
Total estimated value: $20,000
Certificate value for a La-Z-Boy recliner offered in the official Oscar gift basket: $1,200
Jasmine flowers that went into the making of each $400 bottle of Joy perfume inside the basket: 10,600