KOSHER COSMETICS: Women need to consider their medicine cabinets, not just their kitchen cabinets, when clearing chometz — any substance that contains leavening from one of five cereal grains — for Passover, which begins Wednesday, March 27, at sundown. That’s why Carl Mendel Klein, founder and owner of M&H Cosmetics, a 30-year old beauty store based in Borough Park, Brooklyn will be very busy this coming week. Klein supplies the Orthodox residents of Flatbush and Borough Park, Brooklyn with kosher for Passover cosmetics. “The next couple of days is like our Christmas,” Mendel said of the store’s dramatic increase in sales the week before Passover. But what makes cosmetics kosher for Passover? “Rabbis call up the companies to make sure there are no wheat derivatives or grain alcohol [which contains yeast] in the cosmetics ingredients,” Klein said. For example, flavored lipsticks and organic products are prohibited during the eight days of Passover. Some other non-kosher for Passover culprits include Almay’s One Coat Lip Creams, Alberto VO5 Oil Sheen Aerosol and Avon’s Skin So Soft hand and body cream, according to “The Laws of Pesach,” a book by Rabbi Avrohom Blumenkrantz. About 80 percent of the 5,000 sku’s Klein stocks are kosher for Passover, Klein said, who carries 13 prestige brands, including Christian Dior, Clarins and Lancome, and the leading mass brands, such Revlon and L’Oreal. For a complete list of kosher for Passover cosmetics, “The Laws of Pesach” can be purchased at most Judaica stores for around $8.95.

BLEACH OUT: Revlon is looking to capitalize on the $50 million at-home hair-bleaching business with a bleaching stockkeeping unit of its own. Under its 10-minute hair color brand, High Dimension, Revlon is launching Bleach Blonde Lightening Kit, which will retail for $9.99. The bleach kit, unlike its High Dimension sister sku’s, can take up to 10 to 30 minutes to work. But, Pat Wheatley, vice president of Revlon’s hair care business, pointed out that traditional blonding sku’s take between 25 to 90 minutes to work. Revlon’s High Dimension Bleach Blonde Lightening Kit begins shipping May.

KITTING AROUND: A new at-home bikini wax kit is available for those not brave enough to bare it all at their favorite salon. Called Just Kittying, the kit includes a tweezers, a scissors and a mini-comb, along with five wax strips and a soothing gel. Also in the kit are two stencils — referred to by company founder, Diane Paisley, as sex symbols — which allows the user to groom the bikini area into the shape of a heart, star, four-leaf clover or an arrow. The kit launched in London retailer Pout at the end of January, and is now available in U.S. retailers such as Fifi La Roo in East Hampton, N.Y., and Ricky’s in New York. The kit costs $34.95.