“It’s not a wig,” said Beyonce Knowles of the blonde afro she was sporting on Tuesday night at an In Style party for Destiny’s Child’s new autobiography, “Soul Survivors,” at the W Hotel in Times Square. “This is my real hair. After wearing the afro during ‘Austin Powers 3,’ I was inspired to grow mine out.”
The exhausted group’s day began at 5 a.m. and included seven public appearances, beginning with “The Today Show,” where Katie Couric launched a no-holds-barred inquisition into Destiny’s Child’s dirty laundry, aggressively quizzing them on a pending lawsuit as well as rumors about raging jealousies and an imminent breakup.
“I know Katie’s a journalist and has a job to do,” said Tina Knowles, Beyonce’s mom, “but it’s frustrating because the girls work so hard and have so many positive things to offer. I don’t take it personally. I think she probably got pressure from the network because they have been on plenty of times before — and she’s been perfectly nice to them.”

To celebrate their return to New York, Wendy and Leonard Goldberg hosted a dinner the other night in true Hollywood mogul style. Filling their East Side apartment (which is reportedly for sale) were friends Allison and Leonard Stern; Sumner Redstone and Paula Fortunato; Baz Luhrman and his double-Oscar winning wife, Catherine Martin (both in New York working on their theatrical production of “La Boheme”); Samuel and LaTanya Jackson; Bill Pullman, who showed up after his performance in “The Goat” on Broadway; Glenda Bailey and her artist companion Stephen Sumner; Barbara Walters; Elizabeth Vargas and Marc Cohn, and the Goldbergs’ daughter Amanda, who flew back to L.A. the next day to start pre-production on the second installment of “Charlie’s Angels.” The conversation, for a change, was hardly all Hollywood: Walters had just returned from Saudi Arabia, and Vargas was on her way to Jerusalem, so Mideast politics were on everyone’s mind.

Does this mean that Ralph Lauren is designing the costumes for “The Matrix” sequels? The designer was spotted dining with producer Joel Silver Tuesday night at Union Pacific on 22nd Street in New York. Elsewhere in the dining room, the restaurant’s charming chef-owner, Rocco DiSpirito, sat talking to a reporter at work on a story for Harper’s Bazaar about women who compulsively date celebrity chefs.

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