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Now that you know all about Claudia Schiffer’s upcoming wedding to producer Matthew Vaughn, you might want to know what her ex-fiance, magician extraordinaire David Copperfield, is up to. Although he’s been heartbroken for months about the breakup with his muse of the last two years, Belgian beauty Amber Frisque, he seems to be keeping a stiff upper lip of sorts. Earlier this week, he was at La Bibliotheque with Heidi Albertsen, an Elite Model-of-the-Year, and, of course, one of that agency’s top young girls. The new-two were so completely engrossed in conversation that nary a spoon levitated — nor did a bartender disappear.
Prestidigitators seem to have a thing for Heidi. Last week, she was seen dancing with daredevil David Blaine of buried-in-ice fame at Lotus, way, way downtown. They’ve been pals for years. It will be fascinating, or interesting, anyhow, to see which Houdini will be by her side when her Imax film “Kilimanjaro: To the Roof of Africa,” opens on June 24 at the Museum of Natural History. She climbed every inch of Africa’s highest peak twice for the cameras. Maybe Heidi will have both illusionists in tow — or maybe she’ll make both of them disappear. Girls, after all, will be girls.

The inimitable C.Z. Guest, who’s getting the Fashion Icon Award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America on June 3, never stops. She’s just back from Cincinnati, where she spoke at the Garden Club and where her latest book, “Garden Talk: Ask Me Anything,” is doing just fine. C.Z. slipped into a little short black Oscar de la Renta and slipped into Beatrice and Bob Guthrie’s beautiful East Side house for a book-signing cocktail party celebrating “Garden Talk’s” publication. All sorts of garden/C.Z. lovers were there — Hilary Califano, Mary McFadden in maybe the most beautiful shawl in North America, Cynthia Phipps, Anne Cox Chambers, Penny and Henry Frick, Louise Stephaich, Elizabeth and Patrick Gerschel, Alexandra and Arthur Schlesinger, Dr. and Mrs. Scott Wells, Toni and James Goodale, like that. C.Z. is still talking about her trip to Las Vegas, where she participated in a TV special being filmed by Bruce Weber and fell in love with Siegfried and Roy and their cats. “Those beautiful animals behave better than a lot of people,” said our C.Z. Zingggg!

For the Birds: You don’t have to go to the zoo to party with the animals. The National Audubon Society is having its annual benefit dinner at the University Club on May 8 to honor leading environmentalists in our midst. Two extraordinary preservers of the land will be honored on this evening like no other, probably the only affair where you have cocktails with a capuchin monkey, red-tailed hawk, horned owl, tamandua (anteater) and a baby bobcat. (No cracks about how you’ve had drinks with social tamanduas before because that’s not nice).
Nate Reed of the Hobe Sound Jupiter Island Club Reeds — than whom there are no whomer — for years one of the most vigorous voice in the Department of the Interior for Fish, Wildlife and National Parks, will share honors with Bernie Marcus, the co-founder of environmentally correct Home Depot, the company that set the gold standard for American corporations in environmental conservation.
This is Audubon’s big season when huge flocks of migrating birds, hundreds of species, reach the city and stop to rest in the parks. And here’s the news flash! Bird watching is the most popular outdoor activity in the country!
Ever since she was almost pecked to pieces in the Hitchcock flick “The Birds,” Tippi Hedren has been unflappable protecting almost anything with wings. She’s on Audubon’s benefit committee, along with Brooke Hayward and Peter Duchin (their pet parrots, Igor and Pedro, go everywhere with them), Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman, Sam Pryor 3rd, Sam Pryor 4th, Sam Reed, Patty and Roy Disney and Forrest Sawyer, the master of ceremonies of the evening.
When Tippi was asked to be on the benefit committee, she called back later to say, “Sorry I didn’t call sooner, but I’ve been up for two nights with a sick elephant.” How many people do we know who can say that? (You will be thrilled to hear that Tippi’s two-ton bambino is now back on the preserve, tossing its ears and flashing its tusks).

Imagine 60 parties in one night. On May 2, Whitney Museum director Maxwell Anderson and his wife, Jacqueline, Cece Cord, Jane Seymour, Deborah Norville and Elsa Klensch will be marching from one party to another along the Upper East Side. They’re part of the committee hosting the “Madison Avenue: Where Fashion Meets Art” event. The 29-block party benefits the Family Arts program of the Whitney, and everyone’s invited to browse and bid on such collectibles as Helmut Newton photographs, the late Stephan Weiss’ sculpture on display at Donna Karan’s store, and the photographs of Sheila Metzner, which will be featured at Ralph Lauren. The evening will close with a reception at the Whitney supported by American Express and Veuve Clicquot. By then, everyone will need a glass of Clicquot desperately. See you on Mad Ave.

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