“I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to top my cherry-print dress from last year,” admitted Zooey Deschanel on Friday at Miu Miu’s second annual shopping luncheon to benefit IFP West. (For the record, the dress in question landed Deschanel on the pages of all the major fashion magazines in 2001). This year, she opted for a flouncy, purple strapless number.
“It’s girlish and sweet and there’s a playfulness to the clothes,” said Deschanel, who was surrounded by the Miu Miu-clad likes of Shiva Rose McDermott, Chloe Sevigny and Robin Tunney, who browsed endlessly through the racks of ruffles and prairie prints. Amanda Peet pondered the clothes’ appeal while sipping a glass of wine and admiring some belts.
“I think down deep I’m a bohemian and a lot of the clothes have that feel — yet they’re very chic.”
Monet Mazur, who “came by accident” to last year’s party, returned again this year — and for good reason.
“It’s not uptight at all, so it’s really fun to wear,” she said. “I’ll take any opportunity to grab some Miu Miu.”
On Tuesday night, Michel Comte drew the likes of Pierre and Sylvia D’Arenberg, Michael and Eva Chow, Tatiana Von Furstenberg and Lola and Stella Schnabel to the Ace Gallery for an art auction to benefit People and Places With No Name.
“I’m here to attempt to buy some art,” said Uma Thurman, who was thwarted by Alexandre Von Furstenberg in her efforts to win an Andy Warhol lithograph.
“What do you think you’re doing?” she cried in mock horror as he bid against her.
“Don’t be intimidated by this technique,” announced Comte, as he kept upping the bids on his own photographs.
At least Andre Balasz left triumphant after nabbing a Julian Schnabel painting for $180,000.
“It was so quick I’m not really sure what happened,” said Balasz. “But it’s mine.”

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