Talk about an embarrassment of riches.
For the Contemporary Art collectors who filled Giorgio Armani’s Madison Avenue boutique Thursday night, it couldn’t have gotten much richer: Dinner catered by that most toothsome of chefs, Rocco diSpirito of Union Pacific, in a room hung top to bottom with works by Thomas Struth, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Donald Judd and Jenny Saville from Christie’s upcoming sale.
“Judd and Basquiat are my right and left brain working together,” said Amy Cappellazzo, Christie’s international head of Contemporary Art. “They mirror my own schizophrenic tendencies.”
DiSpirito, meanwhile, mused on the parallels between his food and Armani’s clothing.
“They’re both simple in preparation but full of richness,” he said. The parties continued Thursday with an intimate screening of “Unfaithful” and with the New York Public Library’s Young Lion’s bash — for which Jacqueline Pugh actually coerced the Paris office of Christian Dior to lend her a 1947 New Look dress.
“John Galliano’s doing my wedding dress, so that’s how,” she explained. “It’s going back on Monday.”
Claire Bernard was the only lady in the room who donned men’s wear — sort of.
“It’s a Chloe suit and my dad’s bow tie,” she said. “I’m channeling Frank Sinatra.”
The night before, Ashley McDermott welcomed 50 people, including Katie Couric and Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld, to her candlelit Park Avenue apartment for a dinner to support Project ALS. The crowd dove into an Indian buffet, while McDermott encouraged everyone to take home the table decorations: glossy pebbles with New Age-y buzzwords carved into them.
“I got balance,” said Jennifer Creel. “Is there anything more exciting?”
“Power,” Christopher Burch bellowed. “I’ll be taking that one home.”

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