Byline: Robert Murphy

PARIS — New York Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn’s hot copy may soon get play in France. At least if Paris daily Le Monde decides to include it in its new weekly 12-page English-language supplement that will reprise the week’s “best” articles from The New York Times in five categories: world events, money and business, high tech, art and style, and Americana.
With Horyn’s biting reviews, French designers might not know what hit them.
Jean-Maire Colombani, president and publisher of Le Monde, has been vocally pro-American since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, when he published a front-page editorial with the headline “We Are All Americans.” Since then, he turned that article into a book of the same title that hit bookstores this month. “Today it is indispensable to better know the opinions, the analyses, and the options of America,” said Colombani.
The first supplement appears Saturday. It will run until July 13, when the paper reduces the number of pages it prints during the summer holiday season, then resumes in the fall.
But the question is what impact the deal will have on The International Herald Tribune, which is partially owned by The New York Times and which occasionally runs the New York paper’s fashion stories. IHT officials couldn’t be reached at press time.