PEDICURE PANTYHOSE: A new line of hosiery is aiming to make pedicures a little more manageable for women who wear pantyhose. Glogover Hosiery, a new company, has launched a line of pantyhose that features a special flap that can be turned over so that toes are uncovered and can be brushed, polished and painted.
Bonnie Glogover, a former advertising sales executive, said she started the line based on personal experience.
“I, like many women who pamper their feet, found myself having to remove my hosiery whenever I got a pedicure,” said Glogover, whose company is based in Fort Lee, N.J. “I would go in and watch others have to take them off and I thought to myself, ‘I must try and make a difference.”‘
Glogover enlisted the design help of her father, former bra and girdle manufacturer Stanley Glogover, and she is working with a manufacturer in North Carolina who is producing the line. She described the concept as similar to a sandwich bag that can be folded over and sealed and reopened.
The line is available in nude and black and carries a suggested retail price of $22. It launched about two months ago at Bloomingdale’s and is sold in a variety of other boutiques and specialty stores. Glogover said she is targeting department stores and specialty chains as well as spas and salons. The line is also being sold over the Internet at glogoverhosiery.com.

WOLFORD’S NEW LOOK: This spring, Wolford redesigned its legwear packaging with new images by photographer Francisco Giacobetti to communicate its products more clearly to the customer.
The company is known for using cutting-edge photographs by such photographers as Helmut Newton to illustrate its legwear. The new images graphically zoom in on the legs and some play with stripes of light and shadow to accentuate the hosiery and its functions.
“This concept will improve quality of product displays and it will make it easier for stores to advise customers and facilitate the sales process, because everything is done by deniers,” said Maria Basquil, national sales manager. “The aim is to attract consumers with a visually eye-catching, aesthetically clear product display to promote sales.”
Organized by a color-coded system, different shades and backgrounds classify sheers, semi-sheers and opaques. Also, each product name is followed by the denier size, and product functions such as body shaping, support and benefits like nonslipping features on the sole are made clear on the package.