NEW YORK — Charles M. Jayson, president and chief operating officer of Dickson North America, has been named vice chairman and member of the supervisory board of luxury goods and accessories company S.T. Dupont.
The Paris-based, publicly traded firm is majority owned by Hong Kong fashion tycoon Dickson Poon, executive chairman of the Dickson Group of companies. S.T. Dupont is known for its high quality luggage, leather accessories, writing instruments and lighters. It has a controlled retail network of some 170 stores and in-store shops around the world.
Jayson is also president and chief operating officer of Dickson North America and vice chairman of Tommy Hilfiger Handbags and Accessories, which he is credited with turning around. Jayson will oversee the diversification, growth and marketing of the S.T. Dupont brand, extending its European base, while focusing its reach in Asia and North America.
“There is enormous equity in the S.T. Dupont brand,” said Jayson. “Our intention is to maximize the company’s unique history, build on its international appeal and create additional avenues broadening the current collections of luxury goods and products.”
William Christie, who continues as president of the management board of S.T. Dupont, reporting to the supervisory board, added: “S.T. Dupont has set its expansion goals for the development of new innovative luxury accessories and the strengthening of its own controlled retail network.”
Dickson North America holds the North American license for Tommy Hilfiger handbags, while Dickson Concepts Ltd.’s license and distribution deals include Bulgari, Chopard, S.T. Dupont, Hermes and Charles Jourdan.