Byline: Andrea M. Grossman

NEW YORK — Neutrogena’s soaps and lotions have long been used by a broad cross section of consumers. But the time has come for a skin and shave line made exclusively for the male consumer, according to Michael McNamara, president of Neutrogena. “We think there is an opportunity for greater penetration by adding products specifically designed for men to the mix.”
Beginning in February, mass stores nationwide will begin carrying Neutrogena Men, an eight-stockkeeping unit skin and shave line, specifically designed for the thicker and oilier skin of a man. McNamara declined to comment on how much Neutrogena Men would contribute to the $835 million shave category, but industry sources estimate the line will generate at least $20 million in first- year sales.
One of the biggest hurdles in creating Neutrogena Men was two pronged: Coming up with a balance of products that both worked and that men liked to use. “Forming real functionality that is highly appealing to men was the real challenge,” McNamara explained.
Extensive research on men’s feelings about products and shaving habits, however, revealed some secrets of a man’s psyche. “[The product] has to be simple, not overly complex. We have seen men shy away from unnecessary and frivolous products,” McNamara said.
Neutrogena Men focuses on two important aspects of a man’s personal-care regimen: skin care and shaving.
Neutrogena Skin Clearing sku’s focus on cleansing and treatment. Included are Face Wash, After Shave, Face Bar, Targeted Acne Treatment and Shave Cream. Skin Clearing products were developed to treat and prevent breakouts, razor bumps and ingrown hairs by depositing salicylic acid into pores. “This line is especially effective for African-American men who experience ingrown hairs,” said McNamara.
Razor Defense sku’s were developed to treat and prevent razor irritation, minimize nicks and cuts, and, over time, make skin less sensitive. The Razor Defense line contains a clinically proven soy and anti-irritant blend, providing a close shave and making skin less prone to irritation. Razor Defense consists of three sku’s: Daily Face Scrub, Shave Gel and Face Lotion. Products will retail between $2.85 for the Neutrogena Skin Clearing Face Bar to $5.99 for the Razor Defense Daily Face Gel.
Advertising for Neutrogena Men will begin in the spring. As for using a celebrity spokesmodel to tout the line — as Neutrogena often does — McNamara said he has not considered that plan of action for Neutrogena Men.

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