Byline: Julie Naughton

NEW YORK — When you call a line Incredible Lipcolor, you’d better be prepared to deliver.
“We truly believe we’re giving birth to a classic — Incredible is incredible,” said Anne Carullo, senior vice president of product development worldwide at Prescriptives, of the 25-stockkeeping-unit lineup, which will be launched this spring. “It offers a significantly higher amount of high-load pigment than an average lipstick — as much as 14 percent pigment, as compared to about 7 percent in an average lipstick — so you have true, deep color. It’s formulated with high-shine pearls and moisturizers, so it keeps your lips hydrated and looking creamy. And due to its smaller color molecules, the laydown on first application is incredible — you get at least three to four hours of wear without reapplying.”
The Incredible Lipcolor shades, which will retail for $17.50 each, will be launched as an exclusive at Saks Fifth Avenue in late January, and will be available at Prescriptives’ more than 850 domestic doors and in eight international markets in March. In addition to the 25 Incredible Lipcolor sku’s, Prescriptives will also add 12 new shades to its existing Lip Shine lipgloss collection; the shades will be merchandised on-counter with the Incredible Lipcolor sku’s. The new Lip Shine sku’s will retail for $16.50 each.
Pamela Baxter, president of the specialty group worldwide for the Estee Lauder Cos., calls the lipstick line “the perfect example of the direction in which Prescriptives is moving.”
“When Prescriptives was founded, it was built on the idea of custom beauty,” said Baxter. “We want to reinforce our heritage as the custom beauty leader, and this lipstick line is a key component in that plan.”
Elizabeth Park, senior vice president of global marketing for Prescriptives, added, “Incredible fills a need in the Prescriptives line. Our Soft Suede is matte, and our Lavish is sheer — we needed one lipstick line that was a cornerstone, a classic with a modern twist. Lipstick has gone through many incarnations over the last few years — longwear, transfer-resistant. Women still gravitate toward the traditional formulas.”
“When we brainstormed, we said we wanted a lipstick with a whipped-cream texture,” said Carullo. “The emulsion formula of this lipstick — it has a disproportionate percentage of oils to wax — delivers that, with an extremely creamy texture.”
The launch, which will be supported with a substantial advertising and promotion program, will reinforce the custom-beauty edict, noted Baxter. Sampling will include an emphasis on the brand’s color-printing and color families systems for finding ideal colors. “The Incredible lipstick launch will be the beginning of reorganizing our Colorprinting and Color Families systems, which we’d moved away from in recent years,” said Baxter, adding that the system and accompanying tester units will be revamped and reorganized this spring. “Color accounts for about 75 percent of Prescriptives’ business,” she said. “That is our heritage.”
Other components of the program include about 20 million blow-ins and about five million mailers, as well as about 250,000 samples and co-op and national advertising. Incredible Lipcolor will be cross-sampled with several other new Prescriptives initiatives, including False Eyelashes mascara and Traceless foundation. While all executives declined to comment on sales projections for the line, industry sources estimated that Incredible Lipcolor would do about $15 million at retail, globally, in its first year on counter, and that about $3 million would be spent to promote it.

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