Byline: Ira P. Schneiderman

Since 1993, WWD has been monitoring consumer awareness with biennial surveys that reveal the most recognizable names in fashion, according to U.S. consumers. The current poll is WWD’s fifth survey of consumer awareness and, as in the past, brands are ranked against each other to select the top 100, as well as by category, to select the top 10 within a given market (designer, accessories, et al.).
In order to determine the most recognizable 100 brands, WWD commissioned NPD Fashionworld, a division of The NPD Group, an independent research firm based in Port Washington, N.Y., to conduct the national survey.
The sample for the study was selected from an Ipsos-NPD consumer panel to represent a cross section of women aged 18 to 64, with household incomes of $35,000 or more, female teens 13 to 17, and upper-income households ($100,000 or more, if dual income; $70,000 or more, if single income).
Participants were sent an eight-page questionnaire that contained 606 prelisted brands of apparel and accessories divided into 11 categories. Some brands were listed in more than one category.
Of the 2,356 respondents selected, 1,468, or 62 percent, returned a completed questionnaire. The margin of error for the survey is plus or minus 4.6 percent.
Respondents were asked, “How familiar are you with each brand listed?” The possible responses were “very familiar,” “somewhat familiar” or “not at all familiar.” The results are a straightforward list ranking brands based on the percentage of women aware of each brand.
One further note regarding methodology. In the overall top 100 ranking, there were several brands that could appear on the list more than once because they were included in the survey in more than one category and had high awareness in more than one category. Where these “duplicates” have been found, the brand is included only once in the WWD100, based on the one category that had the highest percentage of women aware of that brand.
Also, all volume figures listed, unless otherwise stated, are for wholesale activity.
There are four ties in this year’s rankings, so where two brands have the identical awareness level, they were given the same numeric position, actually creating a list of 104 brands in 100 slots.

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