Only the high-pitched Oscar buzz surrounding Russell Crowe’s performance as schizophrenic Nobel Prize winner John Nash in “A Beautiful Mind” could rival the shrieking fans on Thursday night at the Motion Picture Academy when the actor emerged from his limo at the film’s premiere.
Crowe, who began filming the day after winning his Academy Award this year, recalled that even his roguish charms — plus the added cachet of an Oscar statuette — failed when it came to wooing his level-headed co-star, Jennifer Connelly.
“Jennifer is a very together young lady and I don’t think much intimidates her,” laughed Crowe. “I’m sure as s— that she doesn’t get intimidated by me.”
Connelly also squelched the rumors of romance that had gossip columns atwitter over the summer.
“I have a four-year-old son so after work, I’d go home to him,” she said.
On Wednesday night, Muhammad Ali stole the spotlight from Will Smith at the premiere of “Ali” at Graumann’s Chinese Theatre. Even the most jaded red-carpet regulars craned their necks to catch a glimpse of the boxing legend.
“Ali is so electric,” explained co-star Jada Pinkett Smith. “He walks into a room and ‘Shabam!’ You just can’t deny him.”
Her husband explained that playing “The Greatest” was no small feat.
“It was impossible to do him justice. I’ll play second fiddle to him for the rest of my life,” he insisted. “That is, if I’m lucky!”
The night before, Jim Carrey’s new film, “The Majestic,” bowed on the very same red carpet, while across town, Meg Ryan plugged her latest romantic comedy “Kate & Leopold” at the Mann Bruin Theatre.
“I’m a compulsive romantic-comedy doer. I have to be stopped,” she laughed. “I need a 12-step program.”

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