Talk about a media feeding frenzy. As stars strutted the 210-foot red carpet yesterday, they met an unprecedented number of microphones, flashbulbs and video cameras. Journalists from The New York Times to the National Enquirer and countries as far-flung as the Netherlands and Australia nearly outnumbered the stars.

Total credentialed journalists (including satellite truck personnel and media crews): 1,300 On the red carpet:
Photographers: 60
Print journalists: 31
Fashion publications: WWD, Allure, InStyle and Harper’s Bazaar
TV crews: 55
Radio outlets: 9

In the press room:
Print journalists: 100
Photographers: 50
TV crews: 37

In the deadline press room:
Print journalists: 37
Photographers sending out digital photos: 30
Radio journalists: 15

Media outlets turned down for credentials: more than 300
Media outlets turned down last year: 250

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