Peggy Siegal is jumping ship. Just two years after merging her public relations company with Lizzie Grubman’s, Siegal is dissolving her partnership with Grubman and joining forces with Harriet Weintraub, who specializes in fashion and luxury goods, to form Harriet Weintraub/Peggy Siegal PR.
“I wasn’t planning on going anywhere,” said Siegal, whose former partner’s legal problems captured headlines across the country this summer. “I just got a great offer. I adore Lizzie and would never do anything to harm or upset her.”

If you think Fleur Cowles, founder of the ground-breaking Fifties’ magazine Flair, reads today’s magazines, think again. “They’re all identical,” complained Cowles at the opening of her show at the Wildenstein Gallery on Thursday. “I feel I opened the door and no one else will even try to follow. The sense of surprise? There’s none left.”

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