Byline: Joshua Greene

NEW YORK — U.S. Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao announced Saturday that the Department of Labor will give $1 million to help Chinatown recover from the terrorist attacks. The announcement was made at a press conference at the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association.
Chinatown, an area close to Ground Zero, has been especially hard hit since Sept. 11, with many local businesses forced to close. Chao said the money will be spent retraining workers and finding new jobs for those left unemployed following the terrorist attacks.
“The whole country has felt ripples of the economic shockwave, but Chinatown has felt a tidal wave. We want to offer special assistance,” said Chao. The Department of Labor and the CCBA will collaborate on the program, Chao said.
Governor George Pataki, also in attendance, added: “We cannot forget the impact on Chinatown after Sept. 11. Schools, businesses and families are not forgotten.”

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