This year marked the end of several eras in fashion, retailing, beauty and related journalism. Among the many from these industries who died in 2001, headlines included centenarian Abe Schrader, the visionary apparel manufacturer; New York Times writer-turned-Old Navy spokeswoman Carrie Donovan; the Washington Post’s celebrated publisher Katharine Graham; queen of pink Mary Kay Ash, and Ely R. Callaway, a DuPont chief who had a second career as a golf club innovator.
There were also actress/photographer Berry Berenson and seven TJX executives who perished in the jet crashes on Sept. 11.
And while he didn’t die in 2001, it is worth noting that New York City’s former mayor, John V. Lindsay, who was known as “Fashion’s Mayor” and who had a big impact on the industry in this city, died Dec. 19, 2000, after a review of last year’s top stories was published.
Following are among those who died during 2001.

Larry Aldrich
Mary Kay Ash
Anne Ball
Christine Barbuto
Berry Berenson
Ethel D. Burns
Ely R. Callaway
Nellie Casey
Arnold Cembalest
Betty Cohn
Don Cooper
Tara Creamer
Carrie Donovan
Marie Essex
Luigi Formilli
Glenn Crew Fowler
Sumner D. Gainsborg
Anita Gallo
Linda George
Umberto Giannini
Martin Gilbert
Charles Glueck
Lisa Fenn Gordenstein
Katharine Graham
Abe Hertz
Robin Kaplan
Brian E. Kendrick
Sol Kent
Alice Kreisel
Jan Law
Sidney Lifroff
Maxwell Mallis
Henrietta Milstein
Rudy Millendorf
Jules Miller
Mitchell Modell
Maryann Ondovcsik
Court Overin
Joseph Picone
Abe Schrader
Irving Shapiro
Norman Shatz
Robert Speisman
Roger Therond
John Watte Jr.
Bella Wexner
James Rennick Williams
Ray Hardy Wills
Mark Anthony Wilson
Freddy Wittop

Fashion Ticker…
The Comeback Kid
The girl who once wouldn’t roll out of bed for less than $10,000 a day came out of a long hibernation this summer. Linda Evangelista turned up at the July couture, and she looked radiant. She held court at the party for “Beauty Flash,” a book about makeup artist Stephane Marais that features the model on its cover. She followed that up with the cover of Vogue’s September issue and ads for Blackglama furs.

You Goa Girl
John Galliano’s fall couture collection for Christian Dior was pure Galliano and then some: fanciful, whimsical and outrageously fun. This time, his girls were sunning themselves on Goan beaches in vibrant-hued chiffons. But for all the over-the-top creativity, these creations were chic and wearable — for a hefty price, of course.

La Vie en Rouge
As Satine in “Moulin Rouge,” Nicole Kidman had a wicked dance routine — and even more wicked clothes. Her corsets, petticoats, tiered skirts and fishnet stockings in the Baz Luhrman production seemed ready-made for film-to-fashion tie-ins. Bloomingdale’s created “Moulin Rouge Shops” at its 59th Street flagship and its Century City, Calif., branch. “I haven’t been this excited about a promotion in a very long time,” said Kal Ruttenstein.

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