Byline: Rusty Williamson

DALLAS — Getting old is not an option at Osmotics, the Denver-based treatment company that specializes in techno-based antiaging products.
Working with research scientists across the globe and a fervent desire to turn back time, the boutique skin care firm is angling for wholesale volume of $6 million this year, compared with $3.3 million last year, according to industry observers.
The sizzling pace is expected to continue next year, thanks to Follicle Nutrient System, or FNS, a new hair regrowth product that’s launching in January. With its patented chemistry that uses liposomes to deliver nutrients to vitamin-starved hair follicles, FNS is poised to make an aggressive run at the hair regrowth market, now dominated by minoxydil-based Rogaine and a myriad of generic variants.
In many cases, hair loss stems from blocked or damaged hair follicles that are unable to tap into the body’s vitamin-rich blood supply. So Osmotics executives reasoned that a product was needed to nourish hair from the top instead of the root. FNS is formulated with a patented combination of minerals and amino acids developed by Dr. Emily Lindenbaum at Techneon University in Israel.
Retailing for $60 for a 4-oz. spray bottle and marketed for women and men, first-year wholesale sales are planned at $6 million to $10 million.
“Over 30 million women and 50 million men suffer from hair loss in the U.S,” said Steve Porter, chairman and co-founder of Osmotics. “Our testing shows that with FNS better than 80 percent of users showed cessation of hair loss and started to see new hair growth within eight weeks.”
FNS will be sold by Osmotics’s litany of high-end retail clients — including Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue — as well as in spas, salons and dermatologists’ offices, a growing retail venue for Osmotics and its spectrum of techno-based antiaging products.

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