Byline: Matthew W. Evans

NEW YORK — Come January, hipsters will have a new fragrance from, naturally enough, Diesel.
Called Green, it is the denim and sportswear brand’s third fragrance. The bottle was created by a trio of designers from two companies and is modeled after gardening apparatus — all the way down to a reproduction on the nozzle of a fertilizer reservoir sometimes found on garden hoses.
The unorthodox look may come as no surprise considering the inspiration and philosophy behind Green. When creators from Diesel and Marbert, the German firm licensed by Diesel in 1996 for all three fragrances, observed gardeners at work during arboretum visits, they thought, “great.”
“When Diesel Green was being created, we were very fascinated by nature,” said Maurizio Marchiori, Diesel’s vice president of marketing for the U.S. “We decided to do a fragrance that could represent our interpretations of in-home gardens and nature in a new, fresh way.” The scent features accords of mint, lime and cedarwood and — to symbolize the philosophy of self-nurturing beyond just the olfactory sense — each item comes with a bag of cotton seed.
U.S. distribution of Green will initially be limited to the 15 Diesel stores that currently operate here, plus seven additional doors expected to be open by next year. There is significantly more emphasis on sales and distribution in Europe, especially in Diesel’s top markets of Germany, Italy and the U.K., where Green launched last month. Worldwide, Green will ship to 7,400 doors, 153 of Diesel’s own, and could cultivate up to $10 million in retail sales during its first year, according to industry sources. The scent has interested other U.S. retailers, Diesel executives said, and the hiring of a U.S. distributor to service a larger, outside retail network for Green is under consideration.
Like Diesel’s prior scents, Plus Plus (1997) and Zero Plus (1999), which are found in Diesel stores and Sephora, Green is a duo, available in men’s and women’s versions. Each 75-ml. Green eau de toilette, produced by Marbert, retails for $44. Two 30-ml. versions retail for $21 each. Ancillaries such as a body lotion for women and a deodorant spray for men are slated to follow the scent’s debut.

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