Byline: Laura Klepacki

NEW YORK — Olay has found a new slogan.
A new global campaign that breaks this month, “Love the Skin You’re In,” will begin appearing on all print and broadcast ads for Olay facial skin and body care products.
The ads, created by the Saatchi&Saatchi Agency, portray models in lifestyle scenarios while retaining the product/performance element of previous campaigns. For instance, a print ad for Olay Total Effects Body Treatment suggests how a woman can feel good about her skin by showing a model in a sleeveless dress and without stockings.
Gina Coleman-Drosos, global Olay general manager at Procter & Gamble, said the campaign is about, “affirmation, empowerment and passion.”
“It affirms that each woman is uniquely beautiful ‘in her own skin.’ It empowers women to enhance their beauty” by using Olay products, explained Coleman-Drosos. She added that it “invites women to move from just liking their skin to loving it.”
“There is an emotional transformation [in the new ads],” said Coleman-Drosos. “It takes Olay to a new level.”
But to make sure the key points are not lost, straight lines are drawn through the ads that connect the product, product name and product function in a crosshair effect.
The TV commercial will make its debut during the Emmys on Sept. 16 with four 30-second spots. In addition to print ads, in November, a special celebrity insert will appear in select magazines featuring several TV actresses, including Jane Leeves from “Frasier,” Emily Procter from “The West Wing” and Ming-Na of “ER.”
Since being introduced last year, Olay Daily Facials and Olay Total Effects moisturizer have both become top sellers. Daily Facials, a dry cleansing cloth, currently claims a 10.6 percent share of the facial cleansing market, with $71 million in sales for the year. Total Effects moisturizer currently has a 6.5 share with sales of $45 million, according to a P&G spokeswoman.
Olay is expected to heavily back the franchise this year. According to sources, Olay plans to spend $70 million on advertising over the next year.