Byline: Aileen Mehle

Don’t bother to stop the presses, but Drea DeMatteo of “The Sopranos” DeMatteos had to bleach her long hair to play Stephen Dorff’s girlfriend in “Deuces Wild,” the movie set in the street-gang warfare of 1958 Chicago. Drea just loved her new blast-from-the-past look, maybe because her own real life mommy is a platinum blond. And along those lines, the famous singer Blondie, aka Deborah Harry, plays the mother of two young gang leaders, Fairuza Balk and Balthazar Getty, in the drama. Blondie’s absolutely overwhelmed by the radical changes in her children and in the neighborhood. I mean, it’s just one bad hair day after another.
John McTiernan, the director of the action-thriller remake “Rollerball,” is said to have been so overcome with model Rebecca Romijn-Stamos’s golden blond beauty he changed her character to an Eastern European brunette with a fierce facial scar for her role as a star player on the renegade sports team. They say Rebecca, who’ll do anything for her art, took it with good grace.
And in “Legally Blonde,” the MGM comedy, Reese Witherspoon, considered “too blond” for her blue-blood boyfriend’s Connecticut family, enrolls in Harvard Law School to fight for herself, her boyfriend and “all blondes who suffer endless indignities every day.” Well, she doesn’t know the same blondes I know, and that’s that. Anyhow, enough hair stories already.

Did you read in this paper last week that Cornelia Guest has just been named the new ambassador and spokesperson for La Prairie cosmetics? Cornelia, a stunning blonde, (there I go again) is the daughter of C.Z. Guest, the social, style and sports icon of song and story, so adept as a rider she once sent Madison Square Garden a-cheering. Cornelia’s father was the late Winston Frederick Churchill Guest, the ace sportsman who played polo like only a handful of other world-class players. Cornelia rides like the wind, too, but now she’ll be out there telling us all about the wonders of La Prairie.
The lovely Cornelia will make her first appearance for the Swiss company on Monday at the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute benefit celebrating “Jacqueline Kennedy, The White House Years.” Cornelia will be draped, wrapped and otherwise swathed in a spectacular aquamarine chiffon dress with spaghetti straps and a short train, all by Badgley Mischka. At her waist she will wear the “Jackie O Brooch,” an enormous 19th-century flower pin complete with 264 diamonds and 20 cabochon garnets mounted in gold. The jeweler Harry Winston bought this piece from Jackie’s estate sold at Sotheby’s in 1996. Cornelia will also glitter in Winston’s cascading diamond necklace and drop earrings. So — if you miss her, you’ll see her anyhow.

The British Royals have often been described as a superstitious lot, especially when it comes to the number 13. One hears tales, probably apocryphal, that Queen Elizabeth even keeps a special teddy bear that she seats at a table whenever one of the invited swells is forced to drop out, thereby leaving her with 13 guests on her hands.
So take pity, if you care, on poor Sarah, Duchess of York, aka Fergie, who in an effort to mend the long-running feud with her former father-in-law, Prince Philip, sent him an expensive set of Wedgwood china in the “Sarah’s Garden” pattern, Wedgwood being the company she promotes for what is said to be a cool $750,000 a year.
As bad luck would have it, the person packing the set put in 13 plates instead of the 12 she had ordered. Philip didn’t exactly say “off with her head” — he probably would if he could — but he quickly had the offending piece of crockery packed away in a closet, or maybe a dungeon, somewhere at Wood Farm, his property near Sandringham, where he was staying.
The gift was Fergie’s way of saying thank you for being allowed to stay at Wood Farm over the past holiday. Prince Philip, it seems, has banned her from the family celebrations at Sandringham, but since her (and Prince Andrew, Duke of York’s) daughters are invited, he lets them all stay at his farm nearby. What a prince!

Irena and Mike Medavoy, those Hollywood Medavoys that run Phoenix Studios and raise a lot of money for philanthropies, gave a fine fiesta to toast Mexican President Vicente Fox and his daughter Cristina. It was all muy simpatico with a room full of guests all eager to have their turn with the president who has raised high hopes for his country. In the crowd were such as Marlon Brando, recovering nicely from a bout of pneumonia; Jennifer and Sylvester Stallone; Graydon Carter; Salma Hayek; Ricardo Montalban; Jenna and Boda Elfman; Anjelica Huston and her sculptor husband, Robert Graham, and Maria Shriver, who brought her mother, Eunice, and her husband, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who did not, did not say “Hasta la vista baby” to el presidente no matter what you may have heard.