Byline: Valerie Seckler

NEW YORK — “What we’re trying to do is respond to a request for more options from our customers,” said Barbara Wambach, chief executive officer of eLuxury.
Since succeeding Alain Lorenzo at the helm of the upscale Web site in February, Wambach and her team have been busy streamlining the site — aiming to accelerate downloads and ease navigation — as well as developing a more sophisticated search engine.
But eLuxury.com is not backing away from experimentation, either. “We have 3-D viewing options for less than 1 percent of the assortment,” Wambach related. “A lot of our competitors, too, have some of these test features — and that’s important, to see how the market responds.”
About 5 percent of eLuxury’s users were accessing the 3-D feature when the site launched it in October. “Now, it’s about 10 percent of our customers,” Wambach said, “and when it gets to 25 percent, we’d consider expanding the 3-D viewing option to more of our assortment.”
For now, though, the most salient developments at eLuxury.com are more down to earth.
“This month, we’ve increased the speed of downloading the site by 30 percent; that’s the most significant change we’ve made recently to make using eLuxury easier,” Wambach said. “We’re also working to enable customers to hop between brands and categories very freely and intuitively.” A version of eLuxury with streamlined navigation, she added, is scheduled to go live on May 15.
Also on the virtual drawing board at the upscale e-tailer is a tool that will allow customers to track the status of their orders, which is slated to bow by March 30. A more sophisticated search engine that clears up confusion over requests that can’t be met — say, a shopper asking for a blouse under a brand, carried on the site, that doesn’t make that particular product, like Baccarat — may materialize on the Web site by June.