Johnny Depp — the closest thing the anti-establishment has to a poster boy — has a rare allure even among Hollywood heartthrobs. It was evident at Thursday night’s premiere of “Blow,” where admirers from Cher to Elizabeth Hurley came out to see him play George Jung, the first American conduit for the Colombian cocaine cartel. Even Penelope Cruz, Depp’s co-star, who’d walked the red carpet for “Amores Perros” only two days before, couldn’t eclipse him.
“Johnny Depp is incredibly good and ravishingly sexy, and that’s a combination a girl simply can’t resist,” raved Hurley as she made her way with Denis Leary down the white carpet, a nod to the film’s snowy title.
“Plus, we almost share the same birthday,” she added, like a giddy schoolgirl.
Although the invitation asked guests to wear white, Courtney Love arrived in black — but with a good explanation.
“I’m shooting something now with Chuck Theron,” Love said, revealing her new nickname for Charlize. “Anyway, she always has to wear white panties, and I always have to wear black ones because she was the good girl and I was the bad one. You know, it’s like cowboy hats.”
On Tuesday night, Rita Wilson and Kate Capshaw hosted Saks Fifth Avenue’s “Unforgettable Evening” to benefit women’s cancer research at Cedars-Sinai. Catherine Zeta-Jones, who came with Michael Douglas, blushed over the evening’s musical guest.
“I’m sorry honey,” she told her husband. “I love you, but there’s Sting in the world.” Seeing Douglas’s face drop, she added, “But I’ve been stung for years!”
The following night, “Tomcats,” the latest gross-out teen comedy starring Jerry O’Connell and Shannon Elizabeth, had its L.A. premiere.
“You see, this movie speaks a universal language, one that everyone can understand,” David Spade explained, “and that’s the universal language of boobs.”