Most Hollywood wives like to dress down for their husband’s movie premieres, but Madonna isn’t just any Hollywood wife.
At Thursday’s premiere of “Snatch,” she managed to steal the spotlight and do honor to Guy Ritchie in a cream-colored suit with “Mrs. Ritchie” emblazoned in rhinestones across the back.
“Now that I’m married, I hope that’s what you’ll call me,” Madonna said. The sparkling insignia was also a nod to her husband’s new movie about a diamond heist gone awry. But that wasn’t all: As she unbuttoned her jacket, the words “Rocco and Lola” became visible, imprinted on her waistband.
“We can’t forget the kids.”
After the screening, a crowd including Gwyneth Paltrow, Dustin Hoffman, Jennifer Aniston and Benicio Del Toro proceeded to a pair of after parties.
“I’m speechless,” Ritchie stammered. “At my last movie, it was just my mum and a camera.”
Back in New York, the opening night of the Winter Antiques Show at the Seventh Regiment Armory morphed into something of a post-holiday reunion. Forget about Old Master drawings and hand-crafted 17th-century furniture.
“Antiques — what antiques?” laughed Susan Fales-Hill as she greeted her friends Bettina Zilkha, Muffie Potter Aston and Helen Schifter.
Arriving early, Nina Griscom carved out a post near the front door and stuck to it.
“You don’t come here to shop,” Griscom advised. “Frankly, I’ve done all my decorating — my tastes get leaner, meaner and cleaner every year.”
Marina Rust echoed the sentiment.
“I always feel good when I leave without anything,” she confessed. “That’s why I didn’t bring my checkbook.”
Indeed, Martha Stewart might have been the only guest with antiques on her mind.
“Well, you know,” she said slyly, eyeing a finial, “I do like to look.”

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