WEIR GOES GOURMET: Kathy Weir, executive vice president of sales at Carole Hochman Designs, is leaving the world of lingerie and is getting into the restaurant business.
Weir is a 31-year veteran of the retail and innerwear fields, including 10 years at Saks Fifth Avenue, I. Magnin and B. Altman; and 21 years in the intimate apparel industry, which, in addition to the Hochman firm, includes Natori Co. and Warnaco.
“I will sorely miss all of the people I have worked with throughout the years, but this is a new beginning for me,” Weir said. “Costing a nightgown is not too different than costing a meal. It involves sales, marketing, service and quality at a price.”
The restaurant, which opens at the end of May, will be called The Quail Hollow Inn and is located on Hibernia Road and the Taconic State Parkway, south of Rhinebeck, N.Y.
Weir, who said she “never cooks,” found the idea and location appealing because she is also an antiques dealer at the Old Carousel Antique Center in nearby Stanfordville. Weir described the menu as “comfort food that’s country casual.”
“A lot of New Yorkers come up here on weekends for romantic getaways,” Weir said. “There are some wonderful bed-and-breakfast inns here as well,” said Weir.

BOXER’S NEW DEAL: Joe Boxer Co., now a division of Windsong/Allegiance Apparel Group, has signed a license with Age Group Ltd. to produce a collection of women’s innerwear, foundations and bodywear items, including unitards and bodysuits, bike shorts, leggings and sports bras.
Suggested retail prices are expected to be between $18 and $20 for bras and Boxer will continue it’s promotional three pairs of panties for $15.
Bill Sweedler, chief executive officer of the Boxer firm, said: “We realized we had to partner with an expert in this highly technical category.
The Age Group has that expertise. Strategically, it’s a better move for us to license women’s innerwear product. Our core strengths are in men’s and women’s sleepwear, as well as men’s underwear, activewear and sportswear.”
Joe Boxer founder Nicholas Graham, said: “It’s really a chance for us to bust out of this category.”

BALI BLOSSOMS: The Bali Co. division of Sara Lee Intimate apparel has introduced four new styles for fall 2001: Seductive Curves, a deep-plunge bra for the woman who relishes low-cut necklines, but requires full support in cup sizes up to 42DD; Lace Desire, a European-inspired allover lace bra that delivers full support and is available in DDD sizes; Perfectly Smooth, a seamless style, and Body Physics, which features microfiber and micromesh fabrics seamlessly fused in a flirtatious leaf pattern.
Each style is available in fashion colors.
Also new is a collection of shapers called Body by Bali, which targets problem spots such as the tummy or waist. Lisa Boecker, brand manager for Bali, said: “We took lots of time doing Web surveys, asking consumers to wear-test our products.”
Boecker said focus groups revealed that the Bali consumer is a busy woman, noting: “We are offering more focused statements. We want to be more cognizant of how she shops, how she determines her shopping hierarchy, and we want to make it easier for her to find products by eliminating clutter.”
While Boecker would not target a specific age group, she did say no matter what age the women was in a focus group, the overwhelming response to what was their favorite TV show was: “Sex and the City.”