Byline: Brid Costello

PARIS — L’Artisan Parfumeur and France’s variety store Monoprix will join forces to introduce three limited-edition fragrances.
The eaux de toilette will be available in 86 Monoprix stores from May 16-31.
For L’Artisan Parfumeur, the venture is a good way to build its customer reach. “It is an occasion to get in contact with people who have never visited our boutiques,” explained Marie Dumont, president and chief executive officer at L’Artisan Parfumer. “We hope they will become aware of what L’Artisan Parfumer is about and, afterwards, try our stores.”
The pairing also adds some glamour to Monoprix, which occasionally works with designers and decorators on one-shot offers.
For the L’Artisan Parfumeur Pour Monoprix collection, each eau de toilette was devised around a particular theme and has a candle and home fragrance. Framboise Tralala’s is fuchsia rose, for instance, and was created by Charabot’s perfumer Ann Flipo. It will be sold alongside raspberry-and-huckleberry-scented ancillaries.
Un Bouquet en Mai, meanwhile, centers on a green anise theme. The fragrance, concocted by Iskia’s Olivia Giacobetti, will be marketed with a clover-and-poppy-scented candle and room spray. And The des Sables, also by Giacobetti, has a white sand theme. Its home scents smell of green tea and lemon.
Each 30-ml. eau de toilette will retail for $17.50, the scented candle for $5 and the 50-ml. room scent for $13. All dollar figures are converted at current exchange rates and are for France.
The products will be displayed on freestanding units in “strategic locations within stores,” according to Dumont.
Industry sources estimate the line could generate more than $200,000 in retail sales during the 15-day period they are sold.
In other L’Artisan Parfumeur news, the firm is launching a trio of scents called Je T’ai Cueillie Une Fleur, also created by Charbot’s Flipo.
“The idea was to create a new collection of eaux de toilette,” said Dumont. “Our ambition was to re-create the smell of a flower that has just been picked.”
The line includes Jacinthe Des Bois, Verte Violette and Oeillet Sauvage. Each 50-ml. eau de toilette spray will retail for $35. The collection will bow mid-May in France, with the rest of Europe set for June. An international launch is slated for next year.
Industry sources estimate the floral scents will ring up $700,000 in retail sales in their first year.