Forward March: Military-inspired accessories from dog tags to ribbon pins put an official stamp on the season.
Wide Angles: Dolman-sleeve tops, inspired by Japanese kimonos, were popular in the Thirties and Seventies, and they’re back this season in everything from cashmere sweaters to denim or corduroy jackets.
The Wild West: Madonna may have moved on, but cowgirl chic is still going strong. l Wale Watch: Corduroy is all grown up this season, showing up in new colors, sharp shapes and varying wale widths.
Carried Away: The clutch bag was an Eighties staple, and 20 years later, they’re back and more luxe than ever.
Sporty Spice: Sweatshirts get a sexy, glam slant with such details as a sprinkling of crystals and laced-up sides.
Denim Days: This workhorse fabric just keeps on ticking. From basic skirts and jackets to dolled-up, decorated or deconstructed looks, denim is here for the long haul.