Byline: Valerie Seckler

NEW YORK —, the luxury portal launched three years ago targeting customers of smaller, offbeat style-driven retailers, has closed its virtual doors — and its URL has been snapped up by rival
The BestSelections landing pad now has a link to eLuxury and automatically carries cybershoppers to within 25 seconds, if they don’t move their mouse first.
“As they were going out of business, we took the opportunity to create a partnership with them,” Barbara Wambach, chief executive officer of, told WWD Friday. “We put up the new home page and purchased the URL. The home page will be up indefinitely, similar to when [LVMH-owned] purchased’s Web address last year.”
“The current financial climate has made it quite difficult for us to survive and grow our business in the proper manner,” said Owen, a former investment banker, in a statement e-mailed to WWD. “BestSelections is closing.”