White patent leather shoes, shoulder pads and visible panty lines — faux pas that elicit gasps from almost every Angeleno — were the required costume Thursday night at Glamour’s first “Don’ts Party” at Norm’s Diner in Beverly Hills.
“Is it too much Eighties?” China Chow wondered as she adjusted her acid-washed jeans and color-blocked velour turtleneck. “Really, it’s so bad it’s good.”
Channeling Pam Anderson, Kimberly Stewart arrived in an exact replica of Miss Baywatch’s post-Oscar outfit, right down to the frayed denim micro-mini. Shiva Rose McDermott reluctantly went for a more subtle “don’t”: “I wore really big underwear with tight jeans,” she confessed.
Carol Alt earned kudos for bringing the greatest number of gaffes into one outfit. “I’ve got the black bra with a white shirt, evening pumps with casual jeans — really ripped ones that Armani made for me in 1989 — and a big-shouldered blazer that’s actually my ex-husband’s.”
Elsewhere in Hollywood, the dress code was strictly above-board. A tastefully clad pack raced from the new Shikiri boutique to dinner at the restaurant Reign, while co-stars Morgan Freeman and Monica Potter turned up for the premiere of “Along Came a Spider,” the latest James Patterson novel to hit the big screen.
“Normally I play the nice girl,” Potter explained, “but in this movie people were actually happy when I got clocked.”
At Wednesday night’s premiere of “Kingdom Come,” Jada Pinkett Smith had what could only be called a fashion moment. Smith, tapped by the wand of Tom Ford, danced around the red carpet as if she had just scored a touchdown. “Gucci, Gucci, Gucci, Guuuuucci!” she sang. “You gotta enjoy it, that’s what this life is all about.”