Byline: Brid Costello

PARIS — With Oxygene Homme, Lanvin plans to breathe new life into its men’s fragrance portfolio.
The scent is the male half of the Oxygene masterbrand, which kicked off with Oxygene for women last year.
Lanvin expects the brand will hit the right chords with both sexes. “The Oxygene concept is universal and relevant to both men and women,” explained Yvette Valentine, brand manager at L’Oreal-owned Lanvin.
Oxygene Homme, which targets men 25 to 35, is the second Lanvin fragrance currently on the market for men. It has a more specific target than the company’s first, Lanvin L’Homme, which was launched in 1998 and is aimed at men 25 to 45, said Valentine.
And while she wouldn’t break out figures, industry sources estimate Oxygene Homme could generate $15 million in wholesale volume in its first 12 months.
The spicy, fresh, woody fragrance was created by Alberto Morillas of Firmenich, the perfumer who also created Oxygene. Neither Oxygene Homme nor Oxygene is built on the traditional pyramid olfactive structure — with top, middle and base notes. Rather, both are constructed with heart notes surrounded by satellite scents.
In Oxygene Homme, notes of Atlas cedar, cypress from Sicily and inoki wood are in the middle. The satellite notes include coriander, armoise, myrtle and genievre.
Oxygene Homme’s bottle is like Oxygene’s in many ways. For instance, each is elliptical. But while Oxygene’s bottle is clear with an oval spray mechanism on top, Oxygene Homme’s is blue with a rectangular one. Both bottles were designed by Pascal Mourgue.
Oxygene Homme will debut in France in mid-April and launch in Italy in May; Germany, South America, Asia and Central Europe will get the fragrance in the second half of the year. Launch plans for the U.S. have not yet been finalized, said Valentine.
Advertising for Oxygene Homme will break during the launch period in single and double pages. Shot by Steven Klein, it features the head and shoulders of Swedish model Daniel Schmickl set against a city skyscape and an Oxygene Homme bottle to his left and the tag line “Le Nouveau Parfum Pour Homme” — French for “The New Fragrance for Man.”
Valentine said the budget earmarked for this ad will be less than for Oxygene, since there will be no Oxygene Homme video campaign. She said they were able to do this, in part, since they “built [brand] equity with the women’s fragrance.”
A sampling campaign will consist of scent strips in magazines and 1.5-ml. sprays in-store.
Eau de toilette Oxygene Homme sprays will retail for $37 for 50 ml. and $53 for 100 ml. There will also be two ancillaries: a 100-ml. aftershave splash and a 150-ml. deodorant spray retailing at $37 and $20, respectively. All prices are at current exchange rates and are for France.