Byline: David Grant Caplan

NEW YORK — Fiber manufacturer Celanese Acetate last month launched a fabrics library, a move that coincided with the start of the company’s spring-summer 2002 Directives trend and color forecast presentations.
The 270-square-foot space — called Celanese Acetate Global Studios and located at the firm’s Park Avenue offices in midtown Manhattan — houses swatches from approximately 75 converters and knitters that use the company’s brand of acetate.
The fashion fabrics category is divided by geographic region (East Coast, West Coast, Asia, Mexico and Europe), while lining fabrics are grouped together, regardless of the location of the converter or knitter.
The swatches will be updated every spring and fall, said a company spokeswoman.
The purpose of the library is to show retailers and apparel manufacturers “the different textures and different uses” of the fiber, she added.
In 1992, the Charlotte, N.C.-based company shuttered the previous fabrics library, which had been in existence since the 1920s and carried only U.S.-made fabrics, she said. She added that the fabrics library was resurrected because of “renewed interest from U.S. retailers and manufacturers.” She also said the passage of Caribbean trade parity influenced the decision to open the library since it has increased the firm’s sales opportunities.
A similar library will open later this month at the company’s Los Angeles offices, located at CaliforniaMart.
The Directives seminars, which are available by appointment only until May 19, are conducted by fashion director Jim Siewert.