Byline: Aileen Mehle

There’s a new princess in town and not a moment too soon. She’s young, beautiful and a cousin of King Juan Carlos of Spain. She is Princess Olivia de Borbon, the daughter of the late Duke of Seville. This 20-something lady of Spain sailed into New York seven months ago to begin her studies at the Lee Strasberg Institute, following in the high heels of Marilyn Monroe et al. Yes, naturally, she wants to be an actress — don’t they all? But for tonight she’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day in fashion, making her debut on a runway for the hot new designer Anand Jon at the WWF Entertainment Center in Times Square. Listen, the kid could well end up as Anand’s Princess Bride. Certainly she shines in several of his medieval-inspired creations.
The show is being cosponsored by the Metro Channel’s Full Frontal Fashion Show, and it is hoped it will raise awareness about New Yorkers for Children, the charity dedicated to helping foster kids whose supporters include such worthies as Susan Burden, Julio Iglesias and Oscar de la Renta. Cheering Olivia on from the front row will be another pretty princess and another cousin, Arriana von Hohenlohe, and then they all trip off to Anand’s dinner at Alfredo of Rome in Rockefeller Center to drink Veuve Clicquot and toast Anand’s muses, Nadja Swarovski, Dayssi de Kanavos and ole, la nueva senorita de Sevilla!

Speaking of Nadja Swarovski — of the crystals-for-everybody family — she wore a crystal-covered mask and a sparkling pale green gown to the Save Venice Masked Ball at Cipriani 42nd Street. Looking like a lovely Murano champagne glass, she said her dress had been made for her by her “discovery” Roberto Cavalli, but didn’t a couple of other people discover him before she did?
There were 500 guests and $400,000 was raised to save Venice’s treasures, which is what the party was all about, masks or not. Everywhere you looked there were people dressed as deep-sea divers, oriental princesses, 18th-century duchesses in hoop skirts and powdered wigs, and then there was John Loring, who cut up one black suit and one white suit and pinned them together. You talk about clever.
A Venetian blackamoor from Nardi, the noted Venice jeweler, was presented to Eleanor Lambert, whose 25 years of devotion to Save Venice is well known. In the crowd were Pia and Christopher Getty, Anne Slater in a hand-painted kimono, Carroll Petrie in pink chiffon and more European visitors than you can shake a title at: Habsburgs, von Bismarcks, von Durckheims, you get the oil painting.

These Are The Parties That Were — and Were — and Were: George Shultz, famous for being President Reagan’s secretary of state and for the tiger tattooed on his butt, (a wild, wild relic of the boy’s college days), celebrated his 80th birthday in San Francisco where he lives with his loving wife, Charlotte, the City of San Francisco’s chief-of-protocol. Charlotte gave the party for Tiger George at the exclusive Bohemian Club, and 300 of the buddies, who really love him, gathered ’round including Kay Graham, the Washington Post-mistress; Sen. Bill Bradley, and National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice. Danielle Steel, author of best-selling novels too numerous to deal with, came and so did San Francisco’s Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr.
Willie L. has been the talk of the town since the news broke that he and his girlfriend are expecting a baby girl. Mrs. Willie L. is taking it in stride or maybe in a walk. Of course this sort of thing has been going on since time immemorial, but there are those who say San Francisco has a corner on the forgiving wives market. Oh no, it doesn’t.
Peter Duchin played for the party and Jo Schuman, the SF hostess, entertained the 300 with a short number from her production of the hit musical revue, “Beach Blanket Babylon.” The show’s trademark is gigantic hats, so at the finale out came a seven-foot-wide hat version of Washington D.C. worn by Mrs. Charles Black — Shirley Temple, that was. As everyone sang “Happy Birthday,” a perfect replica of the Capitol rose like a souffle from the top of the hat. Is that the way to give a party? Hold that tiger, Charlotte.

Betty Scripps Harvey, the newspaper heiress, and her husband, Jeremy, are celebrating their wedding anniversary today, Valentine’s Day. Sweet, that. Three years ago, they were married under a melon moon and a sky bursting with such fireworks as had never before been seen in the Dominican Republic. There were fireworks, too, when their first two anniversaries were celebrated in Palm Beach at Betty’s estate, “Karnak,” with dinner dances for 150 in the Garden Pavilion. This time it will be a quiet romantic week for two at the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Fla., where they have rented a secluded villa. There will be no fireworks, at least not in the sky, oh my.

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