Byline: Katherine Bowers

LOS ANGELES — Alex Goes, Alex went — at least for now. Surfwear powerhouse Quiksilver announced late Tuesday that it’s temporarily shuttering its Alex Goes contemporary sportswear line. The Huntington Beach, Calif.-based company will ship holiday orders, but not spring orders.
Quiksilver executive vice president Steve Tully characterized Alex as “on leave” with return likely in two or three seasons. He cited start-up costs (the company has sunk a couple million dollars into development) and the launches of the company’s Hawk boys’ skate apparel, Fidra golf and Gotcha Europe this year as factors in the decision.
“Alex Goes was competing for management time and funds,” he said. “Unfortunately, she was the smallest kid on the block and the other brands will return much faster growth.”
At WWDMAGIC in February, sales manager Maria Barnes estimated the year-old line would double its revenues to $4 million. That’s pocket change for Quiksilver, whose Roxy division alone raked in $150 million worldwide in 2000.
“We’ve hit all our sales goals and everything was going well,” Barnes said, adding everyone associated with the division has been reassigned within the company. Head designer Lissa Zwahlen is on maternity leave.
Lori Singer, who owns Elizabeth Street boutique in Portland, Ore., said she’s “sick” about the closure because Alex hit a niche for sporty, younger moms. “In a year, it would have been such a significant division and they wouldn’t have thought of closing it,” she speculated. “You can see when a line is building and this line had that momentum.”
Alex Goes, which used a grass-green dot as its logo, used high-tech fabrics with trendy, contemporary silhouettes, turning out combinations like a Coolmax tuxedo miniskirt.

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