ASHFORD IN THE AIR: With travel topping the wish list of high-end consumers around the globe, it was only a matter of time before e-tailers began to find ways to get their shoppers hooked into frequent-flyer-mile programs. On Thursday, Northwest Airlines and Ashford.com announced a marketing partnership. Members of Northwest’s WorldPerks program who shop at its online WorldPerks Mall can be linked to a special Ashford.com site; purchases made there before Feb. 28 will earn 10 WorldPerks Bonus Miles for every dollar spent at that area of the Web site. Ashford will offer other promotions and benefits through Dec. 31, 2001.

THE SECURITY WEB: Europe and the U.S. are about on par as far as online security, according to a survey done by advocacy group Consumers International. That’s surprising, given the tight restrictions that the European Union places on how e-businesses may use the information they gather from consumers. According to a five-month survey of 751 Web sites, two-thirds of online sites collect personal data from consumers but don’t give an option of limiting how that data will be used.

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