Byline: Katherine Bowers

LOS ANGELES — It’s what Holly Golightly might pat on in the morning after a night out cavorting with her pals.
Doll Face Beauty Cocktails is a new skin care line that aims for the glam of Audrey Hepburn’s character in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” coupled with the fresh-faced appeal Hepburn exuded in real life.
The line — which is composed of natural ingredients such as pumpkin, cranberry, almonds and honey — will make its debut next month at Boogie’s in Aspen, Colo. The company is also in final negotiations with Takashimaya.
Ashley Webb-Dane and co-founder Elena Mazzucchelli conceived the idea for the line when Webb-Dane was pregnant with her first child.
“I wanted something glammy and cool, but also something with integrity because I was pregnant,” Webb-Dane said. “The ingredients in the products we found were frightening — and not just a little frightening.”
“Everything you put onto your skin goes directly to your liver [which is the chief metabolic organ],” she noted. “If you put garlic on your toe, you can taste it in two hours.”
She and Mazzucchelli set out to discover something that wouldn’t end up inadvertently clogging their internal organs — an odyssey that included kitchen experiments with cucumber and oatmeal.
In the end, Dane-Webb and Mazzuchelli hired a San Francisco-based development house that specialized in natural products to develop 20 skin care products, including cleanser, toners, scrubs, peels, masques and creams. Products are 99.9 percent free of preservatives, Mazzuchelli noted, stabilized only by a food-grade preservative commonly found in applesauce.
Prices range from $20 to $90.
Webb-Dane said she feels bullish about sales for the Mimosa Morning Beauty Serum and Nightcap Evening Beauty serum, sold as a duo for $90. The Mimosa Morning includes organic grapefruit, while the Nightcap is composed of restorative ingredients such as soy proteins and aloe vera.
She said she’s projecting $100,000 in revenues for the first year, through a specialty store base which the company is in the process of developing.
Packaging is Fifties kitsch-cute, with pink-edged labels adorned with black stars. The labels are pasted onto glass bottles finished with twist-top metal lids. Each product is named after a vintage cocktail — Madras Balancing toner, Mai Tai revitalizing eye gel — whose recipe is given on the side of the box.
Webb-Dane is quick to point out that they aren’t promoting drinking as a route to healthier skin. Still, she argues, the Doll Face customer knows how to balance savoring an occasional cocktail with leading a healthy life.
“It’s part of [the lifestyle]: Have a cocktail, have a conversation, slow down, enjoy life,” she said.

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