NEW YORK — ShopKo Stores Inc. is eyeing savings of roughly $1 million annually, through the deployment of Wyse Winterm Windows-based thin appliances to streamline communications between its 164 ShopKo discount stores and company headquarters in Green Bay, Wis.
The thin appliances — slim computers that operate without the computer processing unit that runs a typical desktop personal computer — will also be used to simplify store management, enabling ShopKo to run its legacy mainframe applications, such as financials and payroll, simultaneously with in-store applications, like price management and loss prevention. As a result, ShopKo is estimating that it will save more than $1,000 per Winterm appliance per year over what equivalent PCs would have cost to purchase and maintain.
“Wyse’s Windows-based thin appliances provided us with a modern desktop that was very cost effective, as well as headroom to expand our enterprise,” Paul Burrows, ShopKo’s chief information officer, said in a statement issued jointly with San Diego-based Wyse Technology Monday.
“We were able to deploy these thin appliances to all our stores in almost two months, at low expense and with little disruption to operations.”
Unlike PCs, thin appliances allow for all applications to be stored and performed on the server; only the interface — be it Windows, Java or Unix — appears on the client device. Because they have no moving parts that risk breaking down or losing data, thin appliances can be managed remotely and deliver greater data security and virus resistance.
Wyse’s thin-client apparatus has also been deployed this year at Fresno, Calif.-based Gottschalks Inc., a 79-store chain.