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PARIS — Giorgio Armani Parfums is seeing white with the latest additions to its fragrance portfolio.
Emporio Armani White, a line of two eaux de toilette — one for men and one for women — builds on the same concept as the Emporio Armani He and She duo and is meant to target new, more casual customers, said Guillaume de Lesquen, assistant international general manager of Giorgio Armani Parfums.
The White fragrances are meant to appeal to younger consumers, aged between 15 and 25, compared to the original’s core customers who are in their 30s and are “more about comfort and well-being than the classic Emporio line,” added Marie-Paule Thauzies-Pascalei, international marketing director for Giorgio Armani Parfums. “Armani is not a sporty brand — the idea is not to be sporty but casual, chic and still very sexy.”
The White scents are said to be fresher than the classic Emporio fragrances. White for him, created by Carlos Benaim of International Flavors and Fragrances, is described as an energizing aromatic scent, with top notes including bergamot and lemon, thyme at the heart and musk in the dry-down. The classic men’s fragrance is a woody green scent. White for her is a woody fresh musk scent, with bergamot and mandarin in the top notes, green fig and ginger at the heart with a white musk dry-down. It was created by Alberto Morillas and Azniv Buzantian of Firmenich. The classic women’s fragrance is a delicate oriental.
“The idea is to push both lines, as they are very complementary.” said de Lesquen. “The idea is not to kill the first line, on the contrary, to feed the get-together concept with new, young and trendy scents.”
Thauzies-Pascalie said that cannibalization shouldn’t be an issue as the white scents are very different to the classic duo. The new line is also intended for consumers with a more casual lifestyle and for those who like to change scents according to their mood, so Emporio users can continue using the classic scent for the office and change to the White scent for the evening for example.
“We wanted to avoid the fact that some distributors just want to display new products prominently and forget about others,” added Thauzies-Pascalie.
The freshening effort should build business for both fragrance lines, said Thauzies-Pascalie. “In Asia, South America and Spain there is huge potential because fresh scents are very well received. The classic is very successful in Europe as orientals often are, in Asia and South America it was more niche. With White we have the potential to increase sales abroad.”
The scents will launch in Europe in May and June, followed by Asia between July and September. South America will get the scent in September. Plans for the U.S. rollout have not yet been decided. Industry sources estimate that the scents could achieve volume of up to $28 million in their first year, approximately 25 to 30 percent of the Emporio Armani franchise volume. All figures are converted at the current rate of exchange.
The new fragrances come in a white version of the packaging designed by Fabian Baron used for the original Emporio scents, with a red base indicating the female scent and a blue base for the men’s.
“When we first launched He and She by Emporio Armani we thought then that we would have the opportunity with the get-together concept and with the bottle to (later) give another expression and style,” added Thauzies-Pascalie. “We thought that we could push the design of the bottle a second time.”
Advertising for the White line will consist of billboards and single-page magazine ads, with the biggest publicity pushes planned for spring and summer. Liquatouch samples will be restricted to magazines distributed in Italy and Germany. The advertising campaign will account for approximately 30 percent of the Emporio franchise advertising budget.
Ads for the fragrances were shot by Rudi Hoffman and feature models Adriana Lima and Chris Kramer.
“The He and She visual shows just (the models’) faces while in the White visual you see a lot of body and the models are a little younger, the overall atmosphere is fresher and younger,” said Thauzies-Pascalie.
The White fragrances come in 30-ml., 50-ml. and 100-ml. sprays and will retail at $22.50, $36.50 and $50.50.

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