“We knew within five minutes that we’d hit it off,” Jennifer Lopez said Tuesday night at the premiere of her new romantic comedy, “The Wedding Planner.”
The actress — post-breakup with Puffy — wasn’t dishing on her new boyfriend but merely relaying how her co-star, Matthew McConaughey, had hopped a plane to Las Vegas months before filming began and interrupted her dinner to meet her face-to-face.
According to McConaughey, whose character pulls Lopez from the path of an oncoming trash bin while she’s attempting to rescue an errant Gucci pump, their offscreen chemistry was even more immediate.
“I could tell within four minutes of meeting her that we would get along because we just started yapping away,” he said. “She doesn’t take herself too seriously. That’s the part people may not know about her.”
After the screening, Lopez celebrated her big day — which began that morning with the release of her new album, “J. Lo” — by salsaing at the Century Club with Sarah Jessica Parker, Jada Pinkett Smith and Rachael Leigh Cook.
The following night, a gaggle of starlets hit the premiere of “Sugar & Spice,” a black comedy about a naughty high school cheerleading squad. Amid a flurry of hugs and giggles, the actresses argued over who was the sauciest. “My character wants to live in an all-leather apartment,” said Melissa George.
“My character gets pregnant and decides to rob a bank to support herself,” piped Marley Shelton.
But Marla Sokoloff had the last word.
“Mine’s just psycho. Is that enough for you?”

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